Da un libro di Carla Capalbo


«In this very knowledgeable book, Carla takes us around...places in Tuscany that not so many people know. All flavors of this beautiful region are revealed and made alive for the reader.»

—Lorenza de'Medici, author of Tuscany the Beautiful Cookbook


Carla Capalbo

Fertile, sun-baked Tuscany is world-renowned for its food and wine, but it is not always easy for travelers to track down its best traditional restaurants and authentic regional product. The Food Lover's Companion to Tuscany is a complete insider's handbook that will lead you to hundreds of gastronomic delights, including family-run wineries and trattorias; the finest artisan food makers; village markets offering fresh local produce; out-of-the-way shops stocked with exquisite cheeses and hand-pressed-olive oils; and best-bet wine bars and gelaterie. The charming descriptions are complete with maps, directions, hours, and other essential details, and often feature comments from local chefs and winemakers. This is the ideal culinary companion to the beautiful hill towns and countryside of Tuscany.


Carla Capalbo is an American who grew up in Europe. She now lives and writes in Italy, and gives food tours and cooking classes. Her cookbooks include The Ultimate Italian Cookbook



Forno a Legna "La Torre"

In my opinion, Stefano Borselli makes the best bread in Tuscany. This remarkable young man left a career in electronics to join a Gandhian-style pacifist group in the 1980s, and he became increasingly interested in the organic and "alternative" movements.


La copertina del libro

"I thought it oven," he explained simply, "and decided that the best, most useful tihng I could do for my community was to bake bread. In the old days bread was the foundamental basis of everyday life. Now it has been reduced to the role of a soprammobile—a decorative ornament—in our society.


But I believe that this can change. " In 1985 he started baking, and in 1989 he opened this wonderful bakery, high on a hill to the east of Firenze. Specialist artisans built his large wood-burning oven—free of lead or iron. Borselli, who is helped by his parents and wife, studied different enzymes and their effects on flours to develop three types of natural yeasts.


The first, for use with high-fiber whole-grain flours, is made of water and rye flour. Pane Toscano, Tuscan unsalted bread, requires a less acid starter made from water, rye, and wheat flours. The third type of yeast, used only for sweet dough, is made from fresh fruit soaked in water for a week until it frements. His pasticceria is given very long raising times (up to twenty-four hours) in order to sterilize the acids in the doughs. These yeasts also give the baked products and extended shelf life. All his flours and other ingredients are certified organic. Many of the bakery's flours are stone ground.


I sampled several of Borselli's breads—and was knocked out by them. His large round of unsalted Tuscan bread, weighing 1 kg/2.2 lbs, has a crunchy golden crust and the flavor of fresh grain; it is perfect for Tuscany's famous bread soups. The bakery also produces an interesting range of whole wheat and complex breads.


One compact loaf was topped with sesame seeds and packed with olives, sweet peppers, herbs, and seeds. Pane di S.Egidio is a delicious, a cross between a fruit cake and a savory bread, thick with figs, almonds, raising, chopped nuts (including some wonderfully fresh walnuts), and a pinch of peperoncino—hot chili pepper. Borselli also makes breads for special and allercig diets. Anyone making the trip to visit this talented young baker will not be disappointed.


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